We are the People’s Health Alliance (PHA) Australia and we have the lofty vision of creating an alternative health system by integrating natural healing modalities with the conventional medical system.

We want to see the power of choice returned to We, The People and shift the paradigm from treating disease to creating health.

Our Principles:
  • Treat everyone with respect;
  • Act in the best interest of our clients and colleagues;
  • Work collaboratively and communicate effectively;
  • Take responsibility for our own actions;
  • Acknowledge that we are all equals regardless of role;
  • Remain lawful;
  • Empower people to take responsibility for their own health;
  • Commit to self-improvement and learning new things;
  • Always do our best for ourselves and others;
  • Embrace an integrated approach.

At PHA Australia, we are supporting conventional and natural health practitioners in finding one another with the aim of supporting the set up of local community health hubs together.


Robyn is a Professor of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with extensive expertise that she brings to PHA along with her passion for holistic health care. Robyn is fascinated in the energetics of life, that we are body soul and spirit simultaneously, and how these interact within us personally , and in our connection with others and this Creation out of which we were formed. She has done extra training in EFT, various spiritual and energetic healing modalities, the use of magnets and so on.

She chose to surrender her medical license so that she could speak openly about the current situation and the threat to the health and wellness of people and children in particular.

Interview with Katherine McBean of the People’s Health Alliance