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Welcome to PHA Australia

PHA are here to support you, the people, to take ownership of your own health choices.  That will be different for each person but we want to encourage every single one of you to start viewing these choices as an investment in the health of your future self.

Here at The People’s Health Alliance, we hope to inspire you to shift your perceptions and mindset around healthcare. It’s time to start listening to yourself. Your body can tell you all sorts of things when you quieten your mind and really start to get in tune with it. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for too long. It’s time to go within. It’s time to reconnect with nature and all of the healing qualities it holds.

The People’s Health Alliance promotes local health hubs and “hublets” (smaller area hubs) for local health practitioners to link together to promote themselves within their local communities.

All PHA approved hubs are expected to follow the PHA Principles.

Every hub is different according to their local community and run by local people. Hubs may also be at different stages in their evolution, from just starting out, to up and running in their own premises.

Links to Telegram Channels for the different States can be found on each State page

Who are PHA?